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LSC integrated the Positive Leadership curriculum and Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment into the annual program in 2016. Our intention was to deepen the program’s focus on leadership development and enhance the overall program experience. The response from class members has been very positive!   

The seven capacities of Positive Leadership

We love that Positive Leadership draws from a range of disciplines and philosophies, such as leadership theory, organizational development, and positive psychology. The curriculum emphasizes timeless capacities that are valuable to both organizational and community settings. The Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment has strengthened the personal development of class members, helping them to recognize, and understand how to leverage, their unique talents.  

We’re happy to share a blog from Talent2Strength, the parent company of Positive Leadership, that offers background on the field of positive psychology. Since LSC’s annual program is designed to emphasize a collaborative, strengths-based approach to leadership, we value what positive psychology has brought to the ever evolving field of leadership development. Enjoy!  

P.S. We’re excited to announce that LSC Executive Director, Jennifer Downing, is working closely with the team at Positive Leadership to develop content for the next version of the curriculum. Stay tuned for more details about the roll out in 2020!

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