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John is a member of LSC’s Class of 2019. Recently promoted to Director of Operations and Oversight for Southeastern Regional Transit Authority, John is a volunteer for The American Cancer Society, The Alzheimer’s Association, and is a member of LSC’s Program Committee.

What do you do for work? 

Currently, I am the Operations Project Manager with Southeastern Regional Transit Authority (SRTA) – the Public Transportation provider of the South Coast Region. I’ve been with the Authority (locally more known as “SERTA”) for a little over 6 years and, throughout that time, I’ve been fortunate enough to have my role shift and grow in several different – but rewarding – ways.

How are you involved in the community?

Having the opportunity to work for a Public Transportation provider in a transit-dependent region is without a doubt a gratifying position to be in. Whether it be a simple trip to the grocery store or a journey to see family; being a part of the team that makes it all possible is a rather fulfilling sentiment. Seeing the benefit that our services provide to those in need throughout the South Coast is a satisfying and humbling feeling.

Over the past year, my focus outside of work has been on two causes that are near and dear to my heart: The American Cancer Society (Relay for Life) and the Alzheimer’s Association (Walk to End Alzheimer’s). Having personally experienced the positive impacts that these Organizations have to offer to those in need of support, my desire was simple – to give back. Facilitating and taking part in fundraising, assisting with event-day setup and preparation, and partaking in day-of activities are just a few of the ways to contribute.

What did you find most valuable about participating in LSC?

Participating in Leadership SouthCoast provided countless worthwhile takeaways – from creating new and lasting connections to demonstrating the subtle effect of being an active listener. Through it all, what I found most valuable was the in-depth look into the challenges and issues afflicting the South Coast Region. Having been born and raised in the quaint town of Dartmouth, I was admittedly naïve to the troubles that many in the South Coast were faced with on a frequent (often daily) basis. LSC offered a different perspective of these Community elements and not only helped broaden my awareness, but helped to reveal ways in which we can all be a part of the solutions.

How are you leading during the COVID-19 crisis?

Being a part of an essential service during the COVID-19 crisis has been quite an unexpected and unfamiliar experience. One thing, however, that has remained constant in this world of uncertainty and ambiguity is the conviction that there is strength in numbers. Throughout my time at SRTA, our Leadership has continually instilled that if we lead collectively and work together as a team, we can accomplish any task. Everyone has a role to play – none too small – and together we will get through this unusual time.

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