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Jennifer Downing, LSC Executive Director

It’s something we hear often: “I need board members. Is there anyone in the LSC Alumni Network who would be a good fit for our organization?” For sure, our Alumni Network has no shortage of talent. We know that many LSC grads are giving back to the community through board service. In fact, of the 67 alumni who have responded to our network-wide survey, 45 are serving on a board and a good portion of those individuals serve on more than one. That’s a number we can all be proud of and we’re pretty confident that even more of our network of over 330 grads are doing the same.

Problem is, many people still aren’t serving on boards for a whole host of reasons: They’re too busy, they don’t know what to contribute, and/or they simply don’t know where to plug in and find opportunities. At LSC, we’re committed to raising awareness about the importance of board service and effective board engagement, and look forward to exploring how we can best support the community in this very important aspect of the region’s civic infrastructure. In the meantime, we’re excited to kick off our new, standing #getONBOARDSouthCoast newsletter feature to offer our Network some regular food for thought and wisdom on the topic.

Today, we’re including a link to this blog post, 10 Reasons to Join a Nonprofit Board, by Joan Garry, a thought leader in nonprofit practice whose insights and advice we’ve found to be particularly valuable. We hope what Joan shares in her blog inspires you to consider joining a board if you are not already serving. If so, let us know where you might be getting hung up or if you need assistance finding the right opportunity. We can probably point you in the right direction.

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