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Dawn Camille (’19), Senior Director of Retail Banking at First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union and LSC’s newest board member, is motivated to engage in the community by seeing how even the smallest changes can make an impact on someone’s life.

What did you find most valuable about participating in LSC?

My Leadership SouthCoast experience was eye-opening, thought-provoking, and motivating. To choose just one thing out of the entire program that I consider to be most valuable is very difficult because the overall experience has helped me learn so much about myself as a leader and has given me such a deeper understanding of the challenges our communities face. Having the opportunity to experience the entire program while getting to work so closely with the many talented individuals that made up the 2019 cohort, learning together, teaching (each other), exploring the region with all of the hands on opportunities was probably my favorite part and biggest takeaway from the experience. The relationships that are made and the network that is formed is one that can create a whole lot of good within our communities.

In what community initiatives are you involved? What motivates you to engage?

One of the many reasons I was interested in joining LSC’s 2019 cohort was to help me figure out where I could have the most impact in the community.  I am also fortunate to work for an organization that truly believes in supporting and improving the communities we are in; this provides me with many opportunities to volunteer locally to make an impact where I live and work. Over the past two years, I have come to enjoy teaching Junior Achievement at the elementary schools in the area, bringing common business ideas to young minds and teaching them that each and every one of them has the ability to be an entrepreneur and make something of themselves! I have given my time to many important programs that help to fight homelessness and support the homeless families of our communities; this is an area that I hope to continue to get more involved in. I have spent time individually, in a group and even with my family supporting the efforts of the United Way. At the beginning of 2019, I joined the Board of Leadership SouthCoast as well as the LSC Program Committee; I look forward to this being just the beginning of my increased involvement in the community. 

My motivation comes from seeing how even the smallest changes can make an impact on someone’s life, from seeing communities collaborate to help each other, whether in times of immediate need or general support for an ongoing struggle and it comes from seeing parents teaching their children the right lessons about supporting our communities because they are our future and if we don’t teach them now, what will become of those communities and those children?

What’s the best leadership advice you’ve ever received?

“You won’t always learn the most important lessons about leadership from the best leader you have ever had.”  Great leaders teach great things: You will learn about commitment, passion, how to lead with integrity and how to communicate effectively, but what you will not learn is how not to lead.  Most people have had one leader in their lives that treated them in a way that they knew they would never want to be treated again; the lesson learned from being treated in such a way, by someone leading you, makes it highly unlikely for you to lead that way.    

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