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In January, a team of 2020 class members decided to work with the Samaritans of FR/NB for their Community Action Project. Charged with developing a “signature event like no other on the SouthCoast,” the project would support the valuable work of the Samaritans by strengthening their fundraising capacity, building the organization’s brand across the region, and raising awareness of suicide prevention. 

The team met to brainstorm ideas for only a short period of time before the world changed with COVID-19. With so many events being canceled or delayed, the group had to think outside of the box to accomplish the goals set before them. The pandemic and social distancing didn’t squander the creativity of Team “Prevention Squad.” In September, and to align with Suicide Prevention Month, the group launched the SouthCoast Hug-A-Thon. The virtual fundraising campaign encouraged the community to donate and send hugs to family and friends because “everybody needs a hug right now.”

Samaritans Southcoast Hug-A-Thon – How to Send a Hug

As of September 30th, the engaging campaign raised nearly $15,000 (just $5,000 shy of the goal). This is yet another example of the amazing work being done by members of LSC’s annual cohort in partnership with community organizations each year to make a difference in our community. 

I don’t know about you, but hugs never go out of style. There’s still time to donate and send a hug to someone in need. Please consider donating to the SouthCoast Hug-A-Thon before it’s too late. Your contribution will support the valuable work of the Samaritans of FR/NB to prevent suicide and end stigma around mental health. 

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