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Artistic and cultural activities strengthen a community, particularly when they reveal and celebrate its character and identity. This year’s Arts & Culture Day focused on two key elements driving the region’s vibrant arts & culture scene: creative placemaking and creative youth development. Through discussion and performance, speakers and class members shared and gained perspectives about how art is a catalyst for transforming lives and fueling community change as it relates to racism and injustice, #BlackLivesMatter protests, and the pandemic. 2020 class members also explored ways to cultivate, build, and sustain their teams, organizations, and communities through LSC’s Positive Leadership curriculum. 

We’re proud to share a powerful poem called Exhale for Hope, written and performed by 2020 class member, Iva Brito, Director of the Women’s Center at Bristol Community College. Exhale for Hope is just one of the poems included in Iva’s book, Essence, Tones, Whispers and Shouts available on Amazon. 

Exhale for Hope spoken word poem by Iva Brito (LSC ’19)

Thank you to the following local leaders for being a part of our 2020 Arts & Culture session and for your work to support and promote arts & culture as a key strategy for economic and community revitalization here on the SouthCoast:

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