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Each year, LSC cohorts complete a self-directed project as an element of their program experience. Class members work in small teams to assist local nonprofit and public organizations to development and/or implementation projects to address important community and organizational needs.

LSC is now accepting proposals from area nonprofit and public organizations that would benefit from receiving hands-on assistance with planning, designing, or implementing their community-based initiatives from LSC’s 2020 class members. LSC’s Community Action Projects seek to provide class members with a meaningful leadership development experience and local organizations with added capacity, hands-on assistance, new skills, and valuable connections.

If your organization would benefit from added problem solving, program development, creative thinking, and new perspectives, we encourage you to apply! Applications are due by January 3, 2020. Apply here.

Who Should Apply? Organizations that…

  • Have designed, are in the process of designing, or have an idea for, a project that aims to address an important community and/or organizational need.
  • Have designed, are in the process of designing, or have an idea for, a project that would benefit from additional capacity, external input, problem-solving, program development, and other types of assistance.
  • Demonstrate innovation, leadership, and are led by inspired and committed professionals.
  • Value collaboration with diverse organizations and stakeholders in planning and executing projects.
  • Will consider this an opportunity to gain 5-6 new partners, rather than volunteers in the strategy and execution of their project.
  • Can commit to assigning at least one staff member (an organizational lead) to work with the project team on overall coordination and implementation. This person should be able to commit to being available to the team periodically throughout the class year. The role of this staff member is to observe, guide, inquire, interject, or suggest redirections if necessary, not supervise or assume the role of manager or team lead. If you are unable to commit this staff time to the team, please do not apply at this time.
  • Can commit to attending the team’s final community presentations scheduled for the morning of October 14, 2020 (SouthCoast location TBD).

Selection Process

LSC’s 2020 class members will be responsible for reviewing all proposals received from the community, as well as selecting which proposals will become formal class projects. Class members will work in small groups of 5-6 over the course of the ten-month program to accomplish the project’s goals. In addition to submitting a proposal,applicants will be asked to briefly pitch their project idea to class members during their opening retreat on January 15-16 as part of the application process. Participating in the pitch is part of the application process and is required to be considered for selection.


Contact LSC’s Executive Director, Jennifer Downing at

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