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Through his media roles at Bristol Community College and Fall River Community Media, Fall River native Keith Thibault recognizes his responsibility to foster conversations that build community participation. He describes his leadership as evolving because, “Leadership is a lifelong learning activity.”

What do you do professionally? 
I serve as the Director of Television Services and Director of Fall River Community Media (FRCMedia) at Bristol Community College. I wear two hats; one in charge of video content at Bristol. The other as the manager of the City of Fall River’s public access community media station, FRCMedia.  My job is to foster the telling of stories through video; the successes and programs at the community college and the opinions and interests of the people and organizations that make up the fabric of Fall River. Both are grounded in the grassroots of our community. There are some great experiences to share.

How are you involved in the community and what motivates you to engage?
Being employed at Bristol, you engage with a wide range of individuals.  Students and faculty have unique stories and perspectives of their educational journeys. As a member of the local media, you can’t help but interact with a wide range of diverse people, organizations and leaders in Fall River with interesting stories. Being a native of Fall River, I have a stake and responsibility to foster conversations that builds community participation through media.

What did you find most valuable about the LSC experience and how did it contribute to your community leadership?
The most valuable part of my LSC experience was learning and networking with my classmates.  Many of these people are not the outward face of their organizations, but they all play a unique leadership role in its success. I remain empowered by the wealth of knowledge and experience so many people bring to the program. Our region is in great hands.

Describe your leadership in one word.
Evolving. Never be content. Leadership is a lifelong learning activity.

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