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LSC’s annual program provides participants with knowledge, skills, and connections so that they can deepen their engagement in the community and within their organizations in more strategic and impactful ways. Our curriculum includes three main components: topical sessions and field experiences, leadership development, and team-based community action projects.

Topical Program Sessions & Field Experiences
Our topical program session and field experiences explore the critical issues and opportunities that exist across the region in areas such as economic development, education, environmental sustainability, arts & culture, government, public health, and criminal justice. Topical information is presented by local leaders and experts in their fields, providing participants direct exposure and powerful connections. Learning becomes real as participants engage in hands-on experiences and visit regionally significant locations.

Leadership Development
While deepening their understanding of the South Coast, participants develop leadership skills through the Positive Leadership curriculum. Based on the principles of positive psychology and drawing from a range of social science research, Positive Leadership provides participants a thought-provoking roadmap for honing the capacities necessary to become more effective leaders in both their community and organizations.

To expand upon their personal development, LSC participants take the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment to identify their greatest talents. Over the course of the year, participants explore and learn how to apply their results through Talent2Strength, a framework designed to enhance relationships and create alignment to support their best work, best self, and building their best future.

Community Action Projects
Each year, LSC partners with local nonprofit and public organizations on project that address important organizational and community needs. LSC’s Community Action Projects provide class members a meaningful leadership development experience whereby they strengthen team and project management skills, while providing local organizations added capacity, hands-on assistance, new skills, and valuable connections.

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