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Each year, LSC’s annual program is designed and implemented in coordination with community leaders who represent a broad range of sectors and possess diverse skill sets and expertise. These leaders generously volunteer their time and share their knowledge with class members because they are passionate about, and understand the importance of, developing the region’s next generation of leaders. LSC’s annual program could not exist without their generous contributions. Thank you to all of our program contributors!

2017 Contributors

Orientation and Retreat
Dr. Michael Goodman, UMass Dartmouth Public Policy Center

Economic Development
Elise Korejwa (’16), UMass Dartmouth Public Policy Center
Professor Chad McGuire, Chair, Department of Public Policy at UMass Dartmouth
Toby Stapleton (’07), Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UMass Dartmouth
Paul Vigeant, Managing Director at the New Bedford Wind Energy Center and Vice President for Workforce Development at Bristol Community College
Angela Johnson (’10), Director of Business Development, New Bedford Economic Development Council
Derek Santos, Executive Director, New Bedford Economic Development Council
Shaun Flatley, Matouk & Co.

Dr. Robert Baldwin
, Superintendent of Fairhaven Public Schools
Tara Kohler, Principal of Fairhaven High School
Dr. Pia Durkin, Superintendent of New Bedford Public Schools
Will Gardner, Founder and Executive Direcgtor of Alma del Mar Charter School
Heidi Brooks (’16), Principal, Potter Elementary School, Dartmouth
Heather Emsley (’16), Executive Director of Human Capital at New Bedford Public Schools
James Daniels (’16), Dean of Bristol Community College, New Bedford Campus
Claremont Companies

Public Health
Dr. David Weed
, Executive Director, Greater Fall River Partners for a Healthier Community
Tracy Ibbotson (’09), Administrative Director of Community Health Benefits, Saint Anne’s Hospital
Colleen LaBelle, MSN, RN-BC, CARN, and Program Director STATE OBAT, Boston Medical Center
Stephanie Perry, BSN, RN, CARN, and Addictions Nurse Specialist, Saint Anne’s Hospital
Jennifer Bloom, BSN, Med, Nurse Manager, Charlton Family Centered Unit of Southcoast Health System
Captain Joseph Cabral, Fall River Police Department
Robin Quinterno, Program Director of Ambulatory Behavior Health Services, SSTAR
Dr. Michael Rocha, MD, Cardiology, Hawthorn Medical Associates and Co-Founder, Physicians to Prevent Opioid Abuse

Nonprofit Service
Linnea Michel (’10) Esq.
, President and CEO of the Legal Center for Nonprofits
Michelle Hantman (’07), President and CEO of the United Way of Greater New Bedford
Jeffery Pelletier (’12), President of Junior Achievement of Southeastern MA
Anne Sampaio (’06), Executive Director of Child & Family Services
Jim Stevens, Founder and CEO, Gifts to Give

Environmental Sustainability
Mark Rasmussen
, President, Buzzards Bay Coalition
Dan King, Director, Sharing the Harvest
Liz Wiley, Food Security Lead for ImpactLabs
Derek Christianson, Farmer, Brix Bounty Farm
Karen Schwalbe, Executive Director, SEMAP

Criminal Justice
Helena DaSilva-Hughes (’09)
, Executive Director, Immigrants’ Assistance Center
Thomas Hodgson, Bristol County Sheriff
Bettina Borders, Retired First Judge, Bristol County Juvenille Court
Timothy Paicopolos, Esq., Staff Attorney, Catholic Social Services of Fall River
Steve Souza, Superintendent, Bristol County House of Corrections and Jail
Joseph Cordeiro, Chief of Police, New Bedford Police Department



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