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Jan Baptist (’07), Bristol Community College

Jan Baptist is a member of LSC's Class of 2007. She is an adjunct professor at Bristol Community College and an active volunteer locally. What do you do at Bristol…

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John LeBert (’19), Southeastern Regional Transit Authority

John is a member of LSC's Class of 2019. Recently promoted to Director of Operations and Oversight for Southeastern Regional Transit Authority, John is a volunteer for The American Cancer…

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Irondina (Dina) Reis Abreu (’16), Office of State Representative Antonio F.D. Cabral

Dina Abreau ('16) is a Legislative Aide for State Representative Antonio F.D. Cabral. Dedicated to serving her community, she leads with authenticity and kindness. Many do not know that Dina…

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Sarah Athanas (’17), Groundwork

Sarah Athanas ('17) is the Founder of Groundwork, the SouthCoast's first and only coworking space for remote professionals, entrepreneurs, and non-profits. Groundwork offers its members a shared workspace, meeting room…

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