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Linnea Michel (’10) talks about board governance

Southeastern Massachusetts is home to many nonprofit organizations doing much-needed work in our communities. For our Service Program Day earlier this month – a new addition to our annual program – we wanted to develop a better understanding of the South Coast’s nonprofit landscape, including the issues and challenges that pose a threat to the sector’s resilience and overall success. We also wanted the class to develop a better understanding of the foundations of responsible nonprofit board service and the benefits of board service for leadership and the community.

Our day began with a board governance primer from Linnea Michel – a 2010 LSC alumna and President of the Legal Center for Nonprofits. Linnea provided a few statistics on the nonprofit sector in our region. Did you know that Bristol County is home over 2,000 nonprofit organizations?! She also briefed the class on board service and what boards need to be successful.

Our panelists discussing their experiences in the region’s nonprofit sector

Next up were panelists Michelle Hantman (LSC ’07) from the United Way of Greater New Bedford, Jeff Pelletier (LSC ’12) from Junior Achievement of Southern Massachusetts, Inc., and Anne Sampaio (LSC ’06) from Child & Family Services, Inc. who shared their first-hand stories about their experiences in the region’s nonprofit landscape and how their organizations have evolved over the years.

We capped off the day at Gifts to Give where we heard from CEO Jim Stevens and did some volunteer work, sorting clothing, games and filling orders for bags of clothing that will go to children in need.

Thank you to Linnea, Michelle, Jeff, and Anne for spending time with us, and thank you to Child and Family Services for providing the meeting space – we appreciate your support! Finally, thank you to Jim Stevens and everyone at Gifts to Give for hosting the class for the afternoon – it was the perfect way to conclude our service day activities!

Look for information about our upcoming sustainability program day in June’s newsletter.

Lending a hand at Gifts to Give: LSC class members Michael McCarthy from UMass Dartmouth, Jim McKeag from Mass Development, and Sara Athanas from Groundwork help one of the Gifts to Give supervisors sort through some games

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