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ben-gilbargProducer/Director & Adjunct Communications Professor at Bristol Community College

How are you engaged in the Community and what motivates you to be involved?

In my role as a producer/director, I create dynamic marketing content for organizations, colleges, businesses, artists, and social causes. A project that I recently completed is a short film that stars New Bedford youth and celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service. In less than a week of the film’s release it had more than 26,000 combined views and 550 shares across the nation. My main method of community involvement at this time is mentoring teens who are interested in the arts and production. I provide internship opportunities for them and often hire them to help me on production sets. I am motivated to engage by the talent and intelligence that many of our young people possess. They just need more outlets, opportunities, and vision.

Did you value your LSC experience? How did it contribute to your community leadership?

What I found most valuable was the networking and relationship building. At the time, I was able to broaden my network and work with some of my colleagues on bolstering my community work with a local youth organization, 3rd EyE.

Describe your leadership in one word.


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